children litterature

In 2011, Soulières éditeur in Montréal, issued this book within his collection meant for beginner readers. Alba is a Cinderella kind of tale about a young bearded woman who refuses to let herself be burdened by her pilosity. She eventually meets a prince and, no, it doesn't have that happily-ever-after ending but it still works out okay for Alba.

Now, Monsieur Roboto, tells the story of young Antoine who wishes a robot would attend school in his place. As it happens, the overworked teacher had the same idea. So Antoine steps in class one morning to find an unerring drill sergeant of a robot is taking over.

Young Antoine moves to the suburb, land of driveways, spreading lawns and grumpy flower bed protective neighbors. Will he and those new friends of his just have fun while the summer lasts?

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